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Professional Services

At Bell Tech.logix, we've been managing IT issues for more than 20 years. Critical issues like facilitating transition. Minimizing risk. And adding tangible value. Because we believe the real value of technology is in helping your school succeed. And that's our focus: the strategic integration of education, business and technology.

Under the MEEC contract you have access to:

Consulting and Technical Services to help you:
1. Identify risks that may impact a project
2. Analyze risks in terms the team can use to make project decisions.
3. Plan for risks to support decision-making and action steps.
4. Track risks to monitor status and mitigation
5. Control risks as part of day-to-day project management.

IT Risk Mitigation
Risk is inherent to all ventures. IT risks are not something to be feared, but managed. Solution pricing ranges from $60-$374.50 project and task dependent.

For Consulting Services contact:
Sarah Taggart - staggart@belltechlogix.com - 800-962-3550

Help Desk

Bell Tech.logix can provide Help Desk services to your institution.

Contact Center

Bell Tech.logix Contact Center is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. Our highly trained staff will get you answers quickly, so you can get back to business.

Why Call Bell?
  • We are a solution provider for general and custom software requirements.
  • We customize our services to fill in the gaps in your oganizations support infrastructure.
  • Our support saves you time, and allows you to focus on your core business.
Key Services:
  • Our dedicated infrastructure provides support beyond the analyst. We can supplement your existing help desk, or we can be your sole help desk support staffed with Bell Industries professionals.
  • For each incoming call a ticket is created. Our professionals use ARS Remedy call-tracking software to assure that service is completed in a timely manner.
  • We can help you establish metrics you find important for call types, tracking, and resolution.
  • Bell provides a suite of performance reports and detailed monthly billing statements.
Supported Products:
  • Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Schedule
  • Microsoft Operating Systems including DOS, Windows and Windows NT.
  • A wide range of other software title from Adobe, Lotus and more.
Pre-Paid Call Packs of 1000 incidents can be purchased starting at $14,000 . Pricing can vary based upon hours of your operation and number of applications supported.

Why Bell?

As a long term licensing and hardware provider to the MEEC Community, Bell Techlogix has built a focused customer relationship team that understands each of your priorities and provides responsive, customized service. You are now able to leverage that expertise for short term or long term Service Desk Solutions. Each member will be able to leverage:

  • Our best-in-class Contact Center, powered by industry leading technology platforms;
  • Advanced analytic and reporting tools, hosted applications and on-site options;
  • Agents with a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

MEEC members will be able to customize their Service Desk Solution with Bell Techlogix on each engagement. Examples of how a member might use Bell Techlogix.

  • Full Service Desk Support: Supporting all of your service desk requirements in an integrated support model;
  • New Business Initiative Support: Addressing temporary spikes in call volume that result from new program launches, student returns to campus, new grant needs, emergency situations or other emerging academic initiatives;
  • Overnight and Weekend Coverage: Expand your existing support model by providing additional hours and/or temporary hours of coverage, leveraging our 24x7x365 capabilities.

0ur goal is to help MEEC improve the academic experience for students, teachers and parents. We accomplish this through providing solutions and our understanding of Education, Technology and the MEEC Community.

To get more information or set up a conversation with the Call Center specialists please contact your Bell Techlogix Account Manager.

Contact Bell Techlogix Account Manager

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